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The Island County Sheriff’s Office serves approximately 85,000 residents and countless guests on Whidbey and Camano Islands and the surrounding waters.

The office is made up of three divisions.

Criminal Division:

The criminal division is the primary enforcement division. This group consists of uniformed deputies, detectives, animal control officers, reserve deputies and 1 mental health outreach professional. Patrol deputies work out of three precinct offices North Whidbey, South Whidbey and Camano Island. Our detectives work out of the Coupeville office. We are currently funded for 42 positions in the criminal division. Two of these deputies are funded by and provide services to the Town of Coupeville.

Corrections Division:

The corrections division is responsible for the custody and care of inmates housed in our 58 bed facility. While the building is showing its age, the culture and environment is modern, safe and extremely professional. Inmates have access to educational, treatment and religious programs as well as medical and mental health services. This division is staffed by 23 corrections deputies, 3 control room operators  3 mental health professionals and contracted medical and food service providers.

Civil Division:

The civil, records division is housed in our main office in the county seat in Coupeville. The 7 dedicated team members in this division are responsible for civil process, including court orders, firearms permits, and related civil duties of the sheriff. This group also maintains all law enforcement records and public records requests.

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